Going All-Mirrorless: My First Non-DSLR Wedding

21 thoughts on “Going All-Mirrorless: My First Non-DSLR Wedding”

  1. Hi. Great photos! I am really considering the Sony but having used the A6000 I struggle with getting skin tones right. It doesn’t appear to be a white balance issue. The colours just tend to be a little bit green and orange on skin. May I ask how you get skin tones so perfect? Thank you for your help.


    1. hi rizwan. thanks for the kinds comments. i’ve been doing color edits for a long time and it seems that i’m continually evolving in my tastes for color. so what i try to do consistently is first get a apply a standard edit, which involves using the standard camera preset. second, i adjust the exposure if needed. third, i adjust the white balance. i find the easiest way to do this is apply auto exposure first, then i toggle the temperature left and right to see where my eye finds the neutral zone (not too warm and not too cool), then i do the same toggle on the tint (not too magenta and not too green). since i shoot in raw, i just copy my settings and apply it to all the images in that same environment and lighting scenario. i hope that helps. -mariano


      1. Hi. Thank you for your reply and help. Is that in Lightroom? Am I correct in saying that you don’t adjust individual colour channels then?


  2. Hey how was the A7ii during the ceremony? I have thought about trying a wedding mirrorless, but I was worried about the auto focus, particularly when the bride and everyone is walking down the aisle. I worry that in a din church it wont catch the focus and then I’ve ruined the wedding photos. Did you use the 55 at that point? I usually use a zoom for the ceremony and was thinking to use the 24-70 f4, however that might be a bit slow. Anyhow, just wanted to know how that part went with the camera.

    Thanks, Rob


    1. hey rob! thanks for the question. that’s one of the main issues that i needed to tackle before i became confident in using an all-mirrorless setup. i shoot with a setup consisting of two a7II bodies with a 28mm and a 55mm. i have the 90mm macro and some extra batteries in my bag. for weddings, i sad to say that don’t trust the a7II in situations like the processional. it just can’t keep up when your drive mode is continuous and when your AF mode is continuous. if all you need is to get one good shot and you’re timing is perfect, then you can probably make it work, but the way i shoot processionals, i shoot a lot of frames. thankfully, that’s where the a6000 exceeds (even more so than my canon system). it has excellent continuous focusing, so i use it during the processionals. one other thing i did lately was to shoot an entire wedding on two a6000 bodies. i can’t wait to blog about that wedding and show you the images, i was quite happy with it.

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  3. Great post! Beautiful images! I am planning to write a similar blog about our 3 weddings shooting all Sony mirrorless. The difference being I have never shot anything else! Nor have shot weddings before, so as a newbie and 100% mirrorless only I wonder how my opinions differ from a seasoned wedding photog coming from the world of DSLR. I will say though that set up correctly I have found the A7ii to track and follow the Bride during the processional. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. We shoot with an A7S, A7ii and sometimes a Fuji body or an A6000.

    We are shooting another wedding in a few weeks and have another one in January thus far. We are loving this new challenge.


    1. thanks for the comment. that’s great news about the focusing with the a7II. in my experience, it hasn’t been as reliable or as easy to use (the focusing system, i mean) as the a6000, so i’ve been using both.


  4. Great shots! I’m starting on this great business and I have shot two weddings with my A7 (mkI) and my NEX-5 (that now is sadly malfunctioning with erratic shutter button). Just a question about the kind of triggers that you are using for the flashes.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. Gorgeous work. Thanks for the peak behind the scenes. I have just started wedding photography, and spent about a year shooting on the Sony A7s. It has been amazing, although now I am looking for more pixels and will be upgrading to the A7II this week. This post served as great encouragement to do so. Thank you sir.


  6. Hi guys! I’m wondering if the shutter of the a7ii could be too loud for ceremony? Seems like you dont think so, but I’m still wondering.. Thank you


  7. Overall Sony a7 series is something nice and new to modern photographers but… I was thinking hardly about buing A7, maybe even a7ii + a7s, but… After inspect the RAWs i understand those cameras are non any better than old Nikon d610. One SD slot card, not pretty good AF and most important lack of glass. Yeah theres a 28/2 and new 50 1.8 for about 250 usd, but why this sony idiots dont create something like a 700 usd 85 1.8-2.0? For 2 A7 and primes from sony i can purchase two nikon d750 with G 1.8 lenses. Noone will see the difference in image (maybe beside better high iso in Nikon), but im sure that my AF is dead accurate, my battery last for 1300 shoots, i have double RAW on 2 x SD cards and in crisis situation can easly rent a nikon gear anywhere. Sorry for my english. I was reading about sony A7 system for about two weeks, i was so excited mainly cus photography is not my full time job and i like when its make me happy, but after all customer is most important and right now sony system can not be trusted. Maybe A7iii…

    Edit. I send you a question by accident ;).


  8. Hi,

    First, great article here! It has help me to understand better which setup could be useful for wedding photography: I’m long Canon shooter (weddings, portraits, etc) and after I bought the Sony a6000 for travel along with few primes and started to using at events also I’ve become interested to switch completely to a FF mirrorless like A7 II. Now, I didn’t have the chance to shoot an entire weeding with Sony A7 II but after reading all your comments: your advice is to keep also Sony a6000 as second body for moments like processionals, etc right?



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